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Colorado Behavior, Training, & Enrichment Workshop

Parrot Behavior, Training, & Enrichment Workshop

I so miss coming on here and posting the way I used to. I had a parent fall ill this spring and I devoted most of my attention to him and so glad I did. In all the crazy things I do, I do them because I want to and because this is the only life I’ll have on this earth and I’m not wasting it as I know I’ll never get a second chance. This is why I don’t care what the neighbors think of me when I run through the aviary screaming happily running right along side of my birds as they fly, hop, or run. I love sharing time with my family, my friends, and the animals under my care. So, I pretty much took the summer off and spent it with one of the people who raised me. The rest of the time I spent with my birds watching them enjoy life.

So here I am. I’m back and hitting the pavement hard yet once again. Many, many new avian things on the horizon and all focused on benefitting them and the avian community. I’m training new birds, my own birds, banding birds, writing more about bird behavior, training and enrichment, designing new workshops, booking into 2012, and just ordered a bird of prey enclosure to post everyday training progress with birds of prey that I train for Nature’s Nursery. I’ve designed a new Facebook page, in addition to the current one I have. The new one is called “Lara Joseph: Avian Behavior, Training, and Enrichment. On this new page I go more into detail with photos, videos, behavior, and training. I have a couple of other trainers on that page which we start open conversations on topics. Feel free to drop in and take a look. You have to click on the “Like” button to view the content of the page: Lara Joseph: Avian Behavior, Training, & Enrichment.

Coming up here in about three weeks I am heading to Colorado to give a two-day Parrot Behavior, Training, & Enrichment Workshop. Both days will be packed with information and I’ve already started working on the presentation and loading new content. I always re-design each talk and never give the same talk twice. It makes for a lot of work, but my education and experience continually change, why wouldn’t my presentations? My education changes through experience and continual learning. At this workshop I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and can’t wait to meet the new. What a great network of friends and professional alliances I make with each venture. That is one more thing in life I will never take for granted. I hope to see you in Colorado in a few weeks: Colorado Parrot Behavior, Training, & Enrichment Workshop.

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