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A Little Piece of Heaven

For several years I’ve been wanting, looking, and working on figuring out a way to get more space for my birds. Suki, the blue-fronted

Training Suki, the blue-fronted amazon to remain calm while I hold her and my greenwing, Murray at the same time.

amazon that I took in for training last winter has a great and enriching relationship with my greenwing macaw, Murray. The intention was to bring Suki in temporarily for training to work on some behavior issues and then find her a new home. It hasn’t been a smooth ride because there were a bunch of bumps along the way including her not letting me near Murray and flying after Rico, my umbrella cockatoo. Those are just a few issues and we’ve been working on all of them. Murray and Suki interact on a daily basis and have even begun calling for each other when they can’t see each other. They aren’t screaming. They just call to check to make sure the other one is still there. It is pretty cool to see and hear and I like this for Murray. Well I like it for both of them. It brings out a healthy balance of independence. With that said, my intention was to keep Suki if and only if I could get a larger house or space for the birds. My house is too small for five parrots not mentioning the crow

Training Suki and Rico to accept being perched on the same platform and being recalled individually. This has helped in reducing signs of aggression toward each other.

and the owl that I train on a daily basis also. The more time I spend training additional birds, the more space I need to adequately enrich the others. I love seeing my birds interacting and playing independent of me. I love them being on and around me also and I type this with my umbrella perched on my head.

After five years of searching, pounding the pavement, and saving…I am happy to announce that my husband and I have purchased a ten thousand square foot building for the birds to be able to fly, run, and enjoy. It allows opportunity for a lot of light and fresh air. It just happens to have a house on the property that we bought and plan on downsizing the size of our cage and moving into.

The move will happen in a few weeks so I am already preparing the birds for it. I will begin taking one or two birds over at a time with me each day while I work on the house and the building. Each night they will come back home with me and rest in their existing cages. I will continue this on a daily basis while I slowly begin introducing them to their new cages when they are delivered. As time continues I will have them stay a night or two in their new cages while we get used to the new and slowly step away from the house, aviary, and cages they once knew. A bit sad, a bit scary, and a big bit exciting.

Maggie, the education crow.

Moon, Nature’s Nursery’s education barred owl will be returned once the move takes place. Her training is in full gear right now after taking the summer off of training. She has a big event coming up in October which will be her introduction to the public. I am so excited for her after being with me for ten months. I thank Nature’s Nursery for this opportunity.

Three weeks ago I took in a new education crow of Nature’s Nursery’s for training. Her name is Maggie and in the past three weeks we have worked on her stepping onto my hand on cue, targeting to two different perches and a stick with a red ball at the end, crating, stepping onto a scale, and working on staying calm in front of large groups of people. She has been on two programs in the past two days and I am thrilled to say she is going to be a great ambassador.

This fall and winter will bring new adventures and new birds for training. I will be happy to post photos and videos as we continue on our new venture. Thank you for all of those that have helped me along this way and continue to do so.

  1. Mary Hitchcock
    August 14, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    This is awesome Lara…so happy for you & your flock! You really needed more space to do this on the scale you’ve been planning. Best of luck on your new venture!!! Now…what training tips do you have to get my daughter to leave the nest??? All of a sudden she doesn’t want to go!!!:-)

  2. Colleen
    August 14, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    That its so awesome congratulations to you and the birds

  3. bill taylor
    August 14, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Not sure why new cages are added to the often frightening novelty all the birds face when moving properties. I try to always take in new birds With their old cage if at all possible. A new larger cage placed beside the old and all the more interesting foods and toys go to the new until they seem at least as comfortable in either cage? A few of the cages a fearful bird likes are Not presentable to visitors but I like happier birds more than admiring visitors. If a bird knows One safe space on the planet, I do my best to keep that available. Everyone now in larger wire enclosures came without familiar cages, not by design, it just happened. Bigger is better if there is no familiar cage?

  4. bill taylor
    August 14, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Edit to add: New spaces with a bit higher perch and a better view plane of the surroundings often is quickly adopted. Letting the bird decide when or if to move is just more empowerment?

  5. Ken and Rebecca
    August 14, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    We’re really happy for you. Rebecca and I look forward to your progress posts, and one day, when the dust has settled, being able to drive over and see the fruition of your long time dream(s).

  6. Corrie
    August 14, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    Congratulations and best wishes to you, hubby, and bird family on your move, Lara!

  7. August 15, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Best of luck to your whole family!! Sounds like the perfect spot. You so deserve a space where you can truly stretch your wings.    On 08/14/12, Lara Joseph<comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: Lara Joseph posted: “For several years I’ve been wanting, looking, and working on figuring out a way to get more space for my birds. Suki, the blue-fronted Training Suki, the blue-fronted amazon to remain calm w”

  8. August 16, 2012 at 6:50 am

    Thank you everyone. We are very excited.

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