For years I have written in this blog. I began writing about my studies in Applied Behavior Analysis and its applications to birds including parrots, corvids, and birds of prey. My studies are focused on B. F. Skinner’s Laws of Behavior and to the world of human behavior. I have since broadened my horizons to working with all animals. With my work expanding to all animals, in 2013 I stopped traveling and giving as many workshops and opened my own animal behavior and training center called The Animal Behavior Center.

I am fascinated with behavior, behavior modification, the study of abnormal repetitive behavior of captive animals, and the behavior of animals and humans.

My learning never ceases as I continue to be taught by each animal that comes through our center or with which I interact. My work has evolved to help with more difficult interactions with animals under managed care, meaning in the home or within animal organizations. My work has also evolved to me working with numerous animals at once or scenarios where there are numerous people interacting with an animal or numerous animals. I also continue my work with companion animals in the home whether that is local or internationally via my on-line services.

My intentions in starting this blog is to share what I learn, my thoughts along the way, and those I come in contact with through my journeys.  I love to write about things in which I’m passionate and I have found over the past ten years of my life, my passion is animal behavior and anyone who knows me knows this. I also surround myself with those who share the same passion. So, I hope you enjoy the readings you will find here on many aspects of animal behavior, training, and experiences.


Lara has had a lifelong interest in communications and animal welfare which lead to her degree in film with the intentions of aiding in the production of wildlife documentaries. Her passion has always been in the natural behaviors and observations of what reinforces behaviors in the animal’s native habitat. Through time and experience her focus has evolved to all animals and in particular the reinforcers behind behaviors. She has a focus for observing and working with animals that exhibit signs of aggression and abnormal repetitive behaviors, which she thinks is in abundance in the managed care society. She dedicates her time and studies to animal behavior and behavior modification techniques using positive reinforcement interaction and her continuing education of master’s classes in applied behavior analysis. Lara focuses her work on taking stress out of animal environments and encounters under our care. She has consulted and creates appropriate environments based on mental stimulation and learning potential for the individual animal focusing on building trust between the animal and their caretakers.

Lara lives in Ohio where she runs and operates The Animal Behavior Center, llc. She travels, lectures, consults, and presents workshops on behavior, behavior change, positive reinforcement training, and enrichment. She is also the Director of Animal Training for Nature’s Nursery, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Whitehouse, Ohio. Lara is a professional member of The Animal Behavior Management Alliance, The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators, and sits on the Advisory Board for The Indonesian Parrot Project. She is also a member of and writes DSC_0130for The American Federation of Aviculture, The Pet Professional Guild, and more. Lara has presented for a wide variety of animal care organizations such as The Philadelphia Zoo, The Ohio State Exotic Veterinary Club, The Association of Avian Veterinarians, The Parrot Lover’s Cruise, and The Wheaton College division of Applied Behavior Analysis. For more information visit her website at TheAnimalBehaviorCenter.com. 

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