The Animal Behavior Center, llc

the ABC - Version 2

The Animal Behavior Center, llc. An educational facility focused on teaching people how to train and modify animal behaviors through positive reinforcement and applications in behavior analysis.

The Animal Behavior Center is new but not new to the world of animal behavior and behavior modification. We are an educational center located in NW Ohio for all people interested in animals and increasing their relationships and quality of care through positive reinforcement interaction. We promote and focus on force free training and interaction with animals not only through positive reinforcement training, but understandable approaches and applications in behavior analysis.

Our approach in working with animals and the caretakers and trainers of animals is based around B.F. Skinner’s Laws of Behavior. This is proven science-based approaches in behavior modification and understandable communication between the human and animal.

We strive to provide an outlet for continual learning environments for the animals and their caretakers through mental and physical enrichment based on the individual animal, their home environment, and their individual circumstances and histories.

The Animal Behavior Center helps provide education to all of those interested in increasing their home or working  relationship with the animals in which they share their lives. People enjoy seeing animals in stress-free environments. People enjoy seeing animal’s trained and obviously happy in being trained with positive reinforcement. We are a facility based on empowering the animal through reinforcing behaviors we want to see increase. This in turn creates a strong-trusting relationship between the animal and owner or caretaker and gives you the power to ask and receive behaviors reliably from the animal in your care with no use of force or aversives. Understand how you also can live happily with your animal without forcing or use of aversives to control behavior. The results are obvious, strong,  reliable and desired by many other animal caretakers.



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